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Life Insurance withPartnership

Life insurance provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. A life insurance policy can ensure that those closest to you are cared for, even if you're not around. The money can be used to cover costs such as mortgages and school fees, or to provide a lump sum to your family, allowing you to enjoy life without worrying. At LookForLife, we’ll compare insurance providers across the market and find the right plan for you.

Partnership is one of the most long-established insurers in the UK, specialising in the design and provision of a range of financial products for people whose health and lifestyle means that their life expectancy is likely to be reduced.

The company caters for customers with a wide variety of health conditions, ranging from high blood pressure, to heart failure, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure and cancer. They also offer enhanced retirement annuities for people whose lifestyle choices may impact their life expectancy, such as smoking. Partnership are the only company operating in this arena with its own proprietary underwriting manuals and mortality data. Now part of the JRP Group, Partnership's experience of underwriting enables them to provide cover for people with severe medical conditions, who may previously have been considered uninsurable.

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